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Tuck in with tukka

Get orders to the kitchen in seconds, and meals on the table in minutes.

With integrated menus and real-time notifications, tukka is the easy-to-use app that lets you order food from your phone.

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How tukka helps your restaurant

Tukka gets orders to the kitchen in seconds, and meals on the table in minutes

Seamless ordering

Customers choose their meals and pay directly through the tukka app, freeing staff up for food prep, so you can get orders into the kitchen without taking orders.

Detailed notifications

Orders come straight through to the kitchen from the app, including table numbers and any dietary requirements or special requests.

Table service or pickup

Once the order’s ready, it’s your call - your staff can bring diners’ their meal, or the app can let them know it’s ready for pick up.

POS Integration

Tukka can be integrated with your current POS system for an easy transition, or we can provide you with access to Tukka's very own user-friendly platform

Never waiter again

tukka makes ordering easy as

There’s no need to flag down the waiter, or to join the queue. Simply scroll through the menu, choose your meal and order whenever you're ready, directly from the app.

Suggest local faves

You can add your local to the mix

Found a restaurant that’s perfect for tukka? Suggest your local and if they sign up, you’ll get a free drink on us.

Have it your way

Modifying your meal is simple

tukka makes it easy to add dietary requirements to your order. Where available, you can also add or remove items to customise your meal.

Never waiter again

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